Peer into the Infinite Dimensions as you explore 17 original short stories, including the ebook phenomenons “Wish List,” and “One Round.” This debut anthology also includes 10 all-new works that have never before been published.

Wish List
Tom Swanson, new owner of a genuine magic lamp, learns the hard way that every wish has a price.

One Round
On his 21st birthday, one college kid finds himself in the drunk tank from Hell. Sometimes, there are no good choices.

Daley Routines
In the future, being Eccentric can get you killed. It’s up to Isaiah Daley to solve a 70 year-old mystery and free humanity from the tedium of normality.

A Day in the Life of Death
For the first time in eons, The Reaper of Souls will be faced with a dilemma when he finds himself in a lab where scientists try to prevent Death.

And More…